Well Lookie What We Have Here!

Well well well! Looks like you little chickys got lost! How about we go to me place for a little fun?

(( Independent RP account for the character Jan from Hellsing. I will RP with anyone, so drop me an ask!))
everlasting-delusions sent: Gabby: "Holy shit Jan is back~!"

"Hell yeah, Babe! You can’t get rid of me that easily~" He laughed, licking his lips. "How ya doin’, toots? Been a while- hasn’t it~?"

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On my travels through the vast web looking for images (rather lewd ones- let’s put it at that.) in the Hellsing category, I stumbled upon an image that has literally made Jan shrivel up and die.

… I do not believe he was prepared to see a well drawn image of him and his brother, Luke, having intercourse. … Huh. 

… I don’t feel like posting the image because reasons- so I’m going to keep it to myself as blackmail… against who I am not sure of. Maybe I just want to keep it because the idea makes me giggle uncontrollably. 


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goldandcafe4life sent: "You know for a fake vampire with tacky piercings and a gross looking beanie, you're kind cute and easy looking on the eyes~"

"I could say the same about you if I look past the whole whore look ya got goin’ on." He smirked, "Name’s Jan, Jan Valentine. Pleasure to meet ya, Babe." 

He held out his hand and grinned, happy to see someone new for a change.

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Come One Come All!


*casually whores out new rp blog*

Holla Holla, Get Dolla.

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Anonymous sent: EY YOU MAKE ME A SANDWICH!


You brought this upon yourself. Go make the sandwich before he decides you look better than one.

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//*Sees teasing Alucard on dash*

*slowly sinks back to her main for the evening.*

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//Anyone want to chat or call on skype? Don’t be scared to add me!~

xxinzaneotakuxx is my skype. Just let me know who you are in the request

Love you guys~ <3

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//Nuuuuuuuuuuuuuh! Don’t delete! ;n;

//No worries pretty lady! I ain’t going to delete anytime soon.

I just deleted a lot of my older blogs recently- and it seems like this is the only survivor. I guess it’s because I have a soft spot for my little idiot <3

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Well, well… You’re just as durable as your brother. Not for long.

"That’s what you think, Prick." He smirked, removing the cigarette from between his lips. "How about ya pull that stick out of your ass and come say Hi, hmm~?"


My bullets much rather do my talking for me.” A grin colors his face as he eases his finger over the trigger. “Hnn… How are you alive, anyways?”

"Aaaah~ I see… so you hide behind your pussy ass guns? Sucks man. You can’t even fight like a real dude!" He snickered, eyes watching the other with a smirk growing on his face. "Too long of a story to bother telling~ Besides, what does it matter to you~?"

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Basically me every time an Alucard roleplayer follows this blog.

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